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Providing creative opportunities to people of ALL abilities in an
inclusive community, through the performing & visual arts.

VSA of Loudoun County, Virginia.

VSA Loudoun County is a 501c3 non-profit organization providing creative opportunities for personal development for all, including those with disabilities , in an inclusive community , through the performing and visual arts . Registered as Arts for All, Inc.


DaVinci Artists have been asked to display artwork at the United States Patent and Trademark Office in Alexandria for NDEAM, National Disability Employee Awareness Month. The theme this year is   “Inclusion Drives Innovation” , and  VSA DaVinci art will be on display one afternoon only, Thursday October 26th from 12-3 in the Madison Auditorium.



VSA Classes for older teens and adults
Monday Art Group 10-11am and Open Studio 11-12
Wednesday Open Studio 10-11
MORE Information on the  PROGRAMS  drop down under DaVinci Art.
  Information about our SPRING SHOW  Roald Dahl’s Willy Wonka   may be found on the Programs drop down for THEATER.

Windows to Creativity Exhibit

DaVinci Art Studio Exhibits: Take a glimpse through DaVinci’s “Windows to Creativity”!  

DaVinci artists are proud to display their paintings, collage and drawings in a new exhibit at A Place to Be  located at 8 Jay Street in Middleburg.

Our artists’ work remains in an ongoing , revolving  exhibit in the lobby of the Inova medical building located at 201 Hirst Rd , Purcellville. Colorful and lively, the show portrays each artists’ unique perspective and reminds us of the importance of creative expression. 

All art shown is available for purchase with majority of proceeds going directly to the artists, and a nominal amount to support VSA of Loudoun programming.


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Upcoming Events

March 9, 20187:00 pm
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March 10, 20187:00 pm
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