VSA Loudoun County Board of Directors

VSA Loudoun County is a non-profit 501(c)(3) community organization for the arts in partnership with Loudoun County Parks, Recreation and Community Services and the Franklin Park Performing & Visual Arts Center. VSA Loudoun County is a non-for profit organization founded in 1989 to create a society where all people with (and without) disabilities can come together in an inclusive environment and learn, participate in and enjoy the arts. We are proud to present quality, family-friendly entertainment while providing opportunities to grow.


Joannie Satterfield

Joannie Satterfield  became a VSA Loudoun enthusiast after watching VSA magic come to life in Winnie the Pooh,  when her son was in his first VSA of Loudoun production.

“Imagine a world where each individual gets to use his or her own unique strength, something specific only to him or her, to enrich not only self but the lives of others. That is what VSA is all about.”   Joannie




Jody Rodgers

Mom to a special young adult named Ian Rodgers, joined the board as a small thank you for all the years of joy VSA has given to her son. She is also Vice President of Marketing for Lifetime Tool and Building Products and provides invaluable marketing assistance and experience to our organization as well as occasional  much needed comic relief.


Lynn Jarman  became involved with VSA when her nephew Allen was in the show Winnie the Pooh. She was so touched with the performance that she continued to follow all of the VSA programs. Lynn started volunteering working on the playbills a few years ago, joined the board in 2016 and was elected to Vice President in 2017. Lynn is a teacher with over twenty years experience, 15 in Loudoun. She currently  is a 3rd grade teacher for Loudoun County Public Schools who in recent years has worked in an inclusive classroom setting. Lynn enjoys helping all children be successful and is excited to now be an active member of the VSA board.


Karen Brown is a solutions engineer who brings invaluable  federal and corporate commercial experience and expertise to our Board with sound business guidance. We are ever so grateful she has taken on the role of Treasurer as we search for an accountant who would enjoy this role on an ongoing basis.  Karen’s true joy in involvement in VSA started with performing on stage alongside her son, and she has since had a supporting role in many of our shows.


Marjorie Thompson  joined the VSA Loudoun Board after a few years of involvement in VSA of Loudoun programs by her son Franklin. Marjorie is a dynamic team player with excellent communication and collaborative problem solving skills. She come to us with a record of meeting goals and timelines by leveraging strong professional demeanor, work ethic and organizational skills.



Nancy Eastman  is the mother of  VSA Loudoun performer,  Maisie, who grew up starring in many shows throughout her childhood. Nancy is currently teaching Special Education with Loudoun County Public Schools after many years working as a systems analyst and manager in technical roles. Over her years with VSA, on the board for the past ten years, Nancy has been in a variety of roles including master of marketing, fund raising, grant writing, and secretary. She has reliably provided strong leadership and guidance in support of VSA Loudoun’s growth and is very humble about her talent of coming up with clever alliterative advertising campaign jingles- those ones with the catchy phrases which we all remember that help in reminding us how important it is to support VSA of Loudoun!  


Pamela (Pam) Rusciolelli Schoppert, a Loudoun County resident since 1997, lives in Leesburg, VA with her husband and three children.  She has been an active member on the board of VSA Loudoun since 2009 and enjoys working with the non-profit organization’s executive, production and administrative teams to provide “Arts for All”.   In addition to serving as a board member of VSA Loudoun, she spends her free time advocating for children with special needs, through The Arc of Loudoun and the Down Syndrome Association of Northern Virginia (DSANV).  Ms. Schoppert works as Director of Quality for Citizant, a women-owned IT consulting organization.

Maureen Blake, JD; Marketing

A mother of six first heard of VSA when bringing her oldest drama queens to their first audition ever which was a VSA Production of Sleeping Beauty over fifteen years ago, in an effort to find an outlet for her family’s seemingly endless high energy.  She is currently working at Fannie Mae in business operations and technology, and brings business guidance to our leadership team and updates to our web pages. 


Carolyn Snyder- Corresponding Secretary  is a founding member of VSA Loudoun County. She has continued to serve on the board since it’s inception in 1989. Carolyn retired after 30 combined years with the State of Virginia and Loudoun County Mental Health/Developmental and Substance Abuse Services. Carolyn volunteers with the Friends of Loudoun County Mental Health, Adaptive Recreation, Blossom and Bloom and Loudoun County Master Gardeners. Her inspiration comes from VSA founder Ambassador Smith and President Kennedy who quoted that “art calls forth creative genius from every sector of society”.

Dave Levinson

Dave is an artist, entrepreneur and community volunteer seeking to make the Loudoun community a better place to live. He is a proud father of three children raised here in the county. Dave shows landscape photography of Loudoun County, operates a small web design firm, and is also a board member of the Friends of Franklin Park.


Meredith Bean McMath 

Meredith Bean McMath provides extensive creative work experience as a managing director of her own theater company, a playwright, journalist and author. She holds an MS in Arts Administration with a concentration in marketing, worked as the Program Director for the Round Hill Arts Center, and has served on the boards of several area nonprofits. In the past, Meredith has assisted VSA as a director and several times as a costumer, and, last fall, helped teach the Musical Theatre Boot Camp. She said it was a delight to be back in the role of teaching and directing the children, and she looks forward to helping with marketing and grants as VSA looks to its future. 



Huyen MacMichael

Huyen came to VSA Loudoun in 2017 with energizing enthusiasm for our DaVinci Arts program.  Huyen is an art therapist with over ten years of professional experience and  has led the DaVinci students to expand their horizons since she has been with us.  She is herself a beautiful painter and writer as well as teacher and art therapist.  We are so excited as she nurtures our artists to see what emerges from the creative process.  Check out the coloring book on the DaVinci page as one example of Huyen’s wonderful creative inspiration she is providing the DaVinci artists! 



Dee Cashin

Dee joined VSA back in 2010 as an Actor in Cinderella. They loved how amazing the shows at VSA are and how kind and accepting VSA Loudoun is of all individuals. Dee stuck with VSA ever since and has been in numerous productions with VSA: Cupid in Spring’s Cancelled, Wendell the Ragdoll in The Velveteen Rabbit and, Luck the Acrobat from Giggles. Dee produced an original show that they wrote, Election 3000 BC; and in recent years served on our Board. Dee truly believes everyone should get a chance to shine on stage and is excited to help everyone reach that goal. Dee was thrilled to teach at Fall Bootcamp this year.